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Detailed audits of your web pages for lighting fast loading, and server response times.

On-Page Speed Optimizations

We’ll spare you the statistics and just tell you if your web pages take more than a few seconds to load, you lose a large share of web traffic.

Page by Page Speed Audits

We crawl your site, page by page to identify areas that load slowest, and WHY…so they can be fixed.

Precise Image Sizing Recomendations

Not just web pages, but images too. We analyze every image on your page to determine the exact resolution/dimension it should be without sacrificing quality.

Easy To Understand Reports

Our findings are not delivered to you in technical ‘gobble de gook’. We go over the results with you, so you understand the actions required.

Detailed Site Analysis

We work with you to determine what portion of your website you want to optimize. Our flexible pricing means we can do a few ‘popular’ pages or the entire site.

‘I Wanna Go Fast’ – Ricky Bobby  

Don’t miss that next sale because your visitor left while your site was taking too long to load. Give your visitors a better on-site experience by serving them your content faster. Besides, going fast is fun, just ask Ricky Bobby.

You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.


What in the world is Page Speed Optimization?

Page speed optimization is the process of analyzing the technical aspects of your webpage and determining how to make them more efficient so they load faster.


Why is page speed important for our website?

If a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, over a quarter of users will click away. Not to mention, Google uses site speed as a factor in it’s ranking algorithm.


What is involved in improving our pages load time?

There are several things we scan in order to improve page load times. Server configurations, image sizing, minifying files, compression audits, javascript consolidation.  


How do you identify the areas that need to be 'repaired'?

We run technical crawls of your pages which help us highlight what is slowing down your pages/website. 

How long do page speed optimizations take?

The analysis and problem identifications portion usually take about 5-6 business days. The actual correcting of issues varies by site and problem. 

This Makes A Lot Of Sense, Can We Get Started?

You bet! Click the link below, or shoot us an email at HELLO@MWSDIGITAL.COM and a team member will reach out!

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