What Is Included In A Digital Marketing Package

Our clients love the idea of a small business marketing package that essentially takes care of all aspects of marketing for them.

In a nutshell, small business digital marketing packages are a set of marketing services provided to businesses to cover all of their essential digital marketing needs. It today’s competitive landscape, your business needs to be marketing everywhere your potential customers are. Clients are relieved with the concept that our “all-in-one” marketing solutions cover everything a full time, marketing employee would do.

However, identifying what channels that might be, and how exactly do you reach them, can be a big challenge for many businesses.


Our digital marketing packages succeed by developing consistent and on-going marketing exposure for your business, on the platforms that your customers are actively engaging on.

Some common examples include:

Email Marketing:

Sending monthly newsletters to your customers, keeping them up to date and informed on new happenings for your business. Sharing company news and special promotions. Staying top of mind with reminder emails. Learn More.


Website Maintenance and Improvements:

When was the last time your website received an update, had some copy changed, received fresh, new content? We make sure your site is updated with new material, as well as healthy and operating at peak performance. Learn More.


Search Engine Optimization:

Getting your website to appear in search results is key to being in front of as many customers as possible. Our SEO best practices make sure your site is constantly making its’ way towards that #1 spot on search engines. Learn More.


Social Media Marketing:

Whatever industry you are in, there is a Social Network that your potential audience engages with. Whether that is Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, or another. Having a presence where your (future) customers are, is crucial to staying relevant. Learn More.


Content Writing:

Consistently adding new, keyword optimized content to your website is not only critical for SEO purposes but also provides your audience with new reasons to return to your website, helping over time to build a stronger relationship with them. Learn More.


Reputation Management:

Online reviews about your business can be a blessing or a curse. We make sure your company’s portfolio of reviews are positive and motivating to future customers by promoting the 5-star reviews and addressing anything less than that with private, follow up conversations. Learn More.


Analytics & Reporting:

Tying it all together, our analytics and reporting allow us to identify what marketing channels have provided the best returns on your investment. This is vital to growing and improving your marketing so we can continue to deliver high performing advertising. Our reporting is intuitive and actionable. Learn More.


Establishing a solid marketing presence is key to introducing new customers to your company and staying relevant to current customers. An all-in-one marketing package is a great way to market your business if you don’t have the time, resources, employees, or knowledge base to efficiently market to the right audience on a consistent basis. How thorough and efficient are your current marketing efforts? Let’s talk.