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As a social media marketing company based in Miami, Florida, we understand the importance of incorporating the correct strategies into our client’s social media campaigns and have the expertise to help you implement them too…


If you find yourself baffled among complex social media platforms, and 1 billion google results on how to properly market yourself, Miami’s best social media marketing company wants to provide you with a few expert tips to demystify your social efforts that will increase website traffic, visibility and ultimately sales.

We’ve honed in on a couple of impactful practices that, if applied effectively, can launch your business into the spotlight and capture a larger audience and greater reach. Of course, these tools aren’t a cure-all, but in conjunction with a strong web presence, ranking control, SEO, you’ll be well on your way to social media stardom.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a form of marketing to engage with an audience and promote products or services using social media platforms. There are tons of ways to run social media marketing campaigns for your business, and tons of strategies on how to do so effectively. Social Media has become the number one form of advertising in Miami and in the world simply because so many people access it.

Want to build your brand? Want to reach new customers? Want to connect in new ways? Social marketing is a great strategy to focus on.


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Branding agencies are great resources for new businesses or those revamping and redesigning their message. Branding companies usually serve well for things like brand identity, stylistic decisions, logo design and more. This service usually starts with sales and market research, identifying the target audience, and then extrapolating what styles appeal to those audiences. This is a great tool if you need an initial brand identity or a revamp. Branding agencies do fall short, though in the application/result department. Sure, they help you appeal to your audience, but they do not help you get in front of the audience. You’ll look great – but that doesn’t matter if your target audience doesn’t see you.


So if you own a business, how should you implement social media marketing?

Each social media platform runs on different algorithms, supports different types of ads, and software, and has its own way of operating. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, these four platforms alone have unique formatting needs, types of connections with users, and ways of disseminating information. Now
imagine effectively running 15 different social media marketing campaigns for your business- things can get complicated!

If you’re new to social media marketing, a quick google search on ‘how to improve social media marketing for my business,’ yields over 1 billion results! 1 billion! That means we’ve got a lot of people unsure of how to do a better job with social media marketing in Miami. In a world of sophisticated and complex platforms and 1 billion articles to sift through that often offer conflicting information. If you aren’t a marketing expert, keeping up with the intricacies of each program can be a challenge. Social media marketing for your business can be complicated and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.


1) Focus on Sharing Educational Content On Social

When users connect with businesses and brands on social media, it is often in search of answers or subject area information, not necessarily to buy a new product/service. For this reason, social media should focus on building trusted and credible relationships with your audience, not selling products.
Consider your industry and areas of expertise, whether in Miami, Florida or anywhere in the world, then share information about these topics. Post content that provides value such as insider tips or how to use the product/service better. Encourage social media users to interact with your business by sharing common misconceptions or errors, even ask for feedback on products. Explain how to use items, post instructional videos, and share industry information. People want to get to know your company and feel connected with it in some way. By sharing valuable information, rather than selling, you show users you care about them and their experience with your product or service. In this way, you build rapport and trust with your audience and next time when they need expert advice, they’ll come to you, knowing you are a credible source.

Take Away: Your content should be informative and provide value, not try to sell sell sell.




2) Eye-catching Social Media Images

In social media marketing, a picture is worth a thousand hashtags. Using strong, clear, powerful images is not only a necessity, but it is also a must. If you are in a competitive market, using poor quality, blurry, dark, unclear images is a death sentence. Unclear images indirectly suggest that your business is okay with sub-par quality. Even if your business is not the best in the world, (or even the best social media marketing company in Miami) your pictures should attempt to convey just that. We’re not advocating false advertising, but we are advocating using technology to your advantage. Use high-quality, industry-specific pictures. This encourages user interaction and promotes a positive brand image. On top of this, try to think outside the box. What is going on in your city, in your state, in your country? Share unique images that capture the essence of your business, not just the final product. Your social media should proudly share the culture, work, and process of your business. Just like building trust and credibility through sharing educational content, using eye-catching images helps users connect with your business and get a better scope of what you do.

Take Away: Post only excellent quality images that tell the story of your business.


3) Influencer Marketing For Social Media

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing that focuses on an influential person, persons, or entity. This means that a person, group, or organization with some pre-existing trust and credibility (both online and offline) promote your service or product. This can look like sponsored ads with celebrity’s (or local celebs, anyway) using or enjoying your product or service. This can look like a sports team, club, or local business promoting your social media on their page, with links back to your profile. This can look like sharing the content of an industry expert so users know that you know who is who in the industry. Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for social media marketing because it helps users relate. Users want to feel more connected to brand’s they love, and what better way to connect than to see your favorite celebrity or sports team enjoying something you enjoy too!

Take Away: Promote your product or service by tapping into the credibility of other people and organizations.

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4) Post Social Content Consistently

Well, we would certainly not be Miami’s best social media marketing company if we didn’t include consistency here. Social Media is all about it. Social Media never sleeps, and never really turns off, so neither should your business’s social media. With tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Sendible, Lightroom, Photoshop and Canva, even the most rookie social media enthusiast can create striking content, preschedule posts and keep publishing on a consistent basis. Depending on your business, industry, and demographics, your posts should cluster towards certain days, times of day, and even times of the year. Think about your audience and when they would most likely want to receive information about your product/service, and when they would be accessing social media. Use these as guidelines for your post schedules. Some businesses opt to share every day at the same time. This routine becomes consistent for consumers, and they begin to rely on it. Social media marketing is not an overnight game, but a long road to steady growth (just like a business in general!)

Take Away: Commit to a consistent schedule for posting and sharing content online and over time you’ll grow your audience online.


As a social media marketing firm based out of Miami, Florida, we know what tools and techniques are needed to grow a social media presence. There’s no magic formula or instant tricks, which is why we just outlined some great social media marketing strategies to grow your business.



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