9 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Audience In 2020

If you are looking to ramp up social media marketing efforts for your business here are 9 tips on how to grow your Instagram audience in 2020.



Instagram, a quick photo-sharing app, is an incredible tool for reaching and connecting with your customer base. The question is how to navigate (and capitalize on!) Instagram’s complex and ever-changing algorithm to drive traffic to your page, grow your audience and ultimately increase business.

1. Have a Great Bio

Each Instagram profile only allows space for a brief description of the page. You’ve got 150 characters and you’ve got to make them count. Consider who your target audience is and why they would be interacting with you on Instagram. What kinds of buzz words would attract them to stay on your page? What would build a connection or sense of trust with a potential customer? Use clear concise language to express what you do, who you are, and what distinguishes you from competitors. Your bio is the first place where an audience gets to learn about you, make your bio great!

2. Call-To-Actions

If you take nothing else away from this article take this: CTA EVERYTIME. CTA ALWAYS. What’s a CTA? Call To Action. Aka every single post you ever put on Instagram (and really, every medium of marketing ever) should have a directive. What is the purpose of the ad/post? What do you want the customer to do? Tell them! Want customers to come to a certain event? Use words like ‘join us’ or ‘buy tickets here.’ Don’t be afraid to make your message clear. Figure out what that is and direct your customers accordingly. Always include a CTA.

3. High-Quality Photos

Digital marketing agencies are a great tool to boost hotel bookings in 2020. These firms specialize in analyzing internet trends driving traffic to your website or booking portal. Digital marketing agencies use tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or AdWords to get your hotel business as a top result for google searches and internet queries and in turn, more bookings. Digital Marketing Agencies are a great asset to capitalize on an already interested audience.

4. #Hashtags

Y’all it’s about to be 2020. We’re talking about a photo sharing social media app for use with the most advanced photo display technology that exists. Post only Excellent photos. No blurry photos. No poorly lit photos. No bad photos at all. Select very high quality images (even if they are stock photos!) adjust them and share. If you’re not starting with an excellent photo, it is going to be hard to draw traffic to your page on a photo sharing app, #amirite?

5. Diversify Your Content

A really important consideration for content on Instagram is variety. The photos and ideas you share should be original and unique. Though there should be a definite voice, style and brand image that is thematic and consistent, but, keep it interesting. It is not intriguing for the audience to see 10 pictures of your product just from different angles. We want them curious and interested so they keep coming back. Fresh photos, fresh content. Variety.

6. Consistent Posting Schedule

Super Important. Be consistent (with variety too!) It’s not that you have to post every day at 12pm. Or every photo is a picture of your product. Rather, be consistent in the quality and degree of your efforts. Post regularly, at least a few times a week. Always post with the same voice and brand image. Always post excellent photos (see #3) Always use hashtags (see #4.) A page that is up to date, and active brings in more followers than a page with old poor quality photos inconsistently posted. #truth

7. Strong Engagement

Great Instagram pages have photos with tons of comments. When users comment on or share your photos, Instagram’s algorithm fires! Instagram loves promoting photos that get people talking and ‘socializing’ with one another. You can accelerate this by interacting with your followers and audience. Try asking questions in the caption and then reply to user comments. Another way to interact is to search relevant hashtags then comment and like photos that are associated with that hashtag. This will increase your page visibility, get your information out there, and drive traffic to your profile.

8. Emojis

1. As silly as it seems, it is important to use emojis in social media content. The use of these familiar icons throughout your pages builds a positive connection with viewers. Emojis add pizzazz to otherwise aesthetically neutral text. This gives your page a sense of pop and edge. You seem real, relatable, and familiar. Your profile appears more friendly, and thus users want to interact with you more. (see #7)

9. Call in the Experts

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In Conclusion

Instagram is an amazing social media platform. It has the ability to connect people and organizations across the globe. It also has the ability to connect consumers to products, services and brands that they love- and maybe even didn’t even know about yet!


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